I thought I was having a mid-life crisis.

It started about three weeks ago. I began feeling lost and overwhelmed with my job. I made the statement, "I hate doing...", to a co-worker. That statement itself  was not the real surprise, because I was clear from the start that I was not overly excited about taking on this particular job within the organisation that I... Continue Reading →


Carrying fear and fulfilling our purpose in life.

I wonder how many of us believe we have a purpose in life? If you are one who lives with the notion that we are put here for a reason then you too must wonder from time to time, am I fulfilling my life's purpose? In times of shear frustration and overwhelming discontent I have tried to... Continue Reading →

Don’t ever give up.

When you have found a dream worth pursuing, pursue it with all you've got. When you hit resistance that means work harder. You are the only one who knows what makes your soul smile and your heartbeat quicken. Life is much too short to spend it in a place of half way. Half way to... Continue Reading →

A letter to my Younger Self

Oh, the lessons I have learned over the years. We know all the sayings about lessons learned. Such as "hind site is 20/20" or "if only I knew that ahead of time" or "this is what I would have done differently had I known".  I am sure you have numerous other's that you can add... Continue Reading →

To meditate or not to meditate.

Just get up and do it! I am happy to say that this morning at the early bird hour of 4:30 am I got out of bed and made the decision to meditate. I did a combo of exercise and meditation. The results? After day one (an hour later) I feel refreshed and inspired. Hence,... Continue Reading →

To new ventures!

It has been a while since I started my blog, "For the Love of Art". I will admit that I became overwhelmed and ended up leaving the blog sitting stagnant for a few months. My apologies if you had stopped by in the beginning only to realize that this poor little blog was left wanting.... Continue Reading →

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