Meditation, Yoga, inspiration

To meditate or not to meditate.

1449952_HD (2)Just get up and do it!

I am happy to say that this morning at the early bird hour of 4:30 am I got out of bed and made the decision to meditate. I did a combo of exercise and meditation.

The results? After day one (an hour later) I feel refreshed and inspired. Hence, the reason I am on this blog right now!

The resources out there for learning meditation are endless . I find it overwhelming surfing through it all. So with that being said the purpose/benefits for my meditating become null and void. I find myself getting bogged down when my sole purpose is to release the tension and noise from my mind and body. Of course I will continue to do research on the plethora of teachings available at my fingertips. However, for my own peace of mind I am allowing myself the freedom and flexibility to pick and choose and cut and paste from what I observe. I will then take these snippets of information and adopt a meditation practice that feels natural to me. The last thing I want is for my meditation to feel awkward and strained. If I have to force the meditation I know I will eventually stop doing it.

I adapt the positions that are shown for meditation and Yoga. If I feel any part of my body straining against a certain position of the leg or back. etc., I will do a slight maneuver to find the comfortable spot for my body. At first I was hard on myself about this, telling myself that I was not preforming the techniques right, that I was cheating and therefore, not getting the real benefits.

That is such a crock! Meditation and Yoga should be about you. Connecting with your mind and body in the most simplistic and natural way. No one can tell you what that looks like.  I have even created my own “Yoga/meditation Poses”. I might not remember them next time I go to my mat, but in that moment that position felt right. For me, it’s all about setting my intentions right. Making them pure and authentic. I do not think I can go wrong if I keep that as my focus.

Some may strongly disagree on this point. Perhaps, some believe that you must follow the rules to get the full benefit. To each their own. That my friends is the beauty of life. There is no one size fits all for our journey through the this world.

I hope I have inspired some excitement in you to start your own meditation practice. Remember, pick and choose what appeals to you and then adapt it to make sense for your mind and body.

Above all meditation should bring you towards peace and contentment not stress and frustration.

Enjoy this beautiful Tuesday!



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