Don’t ever give up.

cc0-picture-17343_HDWhen you have found a dream worth pursuing,

pursue it with all you’ve got. When you hit resistance that means work harder. You are the only one who knows what makes your soul smile and your heartbeat quicken.

Life is much too short to spend it in a place of half way. Half way to your goals, half way to your plans, half way to your dreams. Jump in with both feet. Get dirty and fight for your passions.

When you were a child you were most likely told at some point that you could be and do anything  you want. It was such an exciting time, the anticipation of  one day becoming whatever your mind could conjure up!

Why then do we allow ourselves to become so bogged down with what other people believe is or should be our reality,  or our truth? When we get excited about something it should be no ones business but our own. We should not care if someone perceives our dreams to be frivolous and unrealistic.

Dreams are meant to be grand in scope. I do not mean that your dreams need to be grand in size but they probably are something that is not easily acquired.  Otherwise you would already be living it. There is a component of unattainability that encapsulate our deepest desires . Here is where your dream is cradled.

It is not news to anyone that we need to make a commitment and strive for our success in order to even get close to living our dreams. Unfortunately, I do think that it is news for most when I say that we are our own obstacle. Maybe I am being too presumptuous in making that statement. Perhaps the majority of us do know this to be true. If that is in fact the case, if we all know that we are victims of our self-induced failures why do we continue to allow ourselves to get stuck in such self defeating behaviors.

It all boils down to fear. What a nasty word that is. We fear ridicule from others. We fear disappointing those we love. We fear FAILURE.

How do we make that right?

Acknowledging that we have the sole power in creating success or failure in our own lives is such a liberating place to be. When we finally get to that place we realize that we have a lot more power than we have given ourselves credit for. We need to be kind and patient with ourselves. We need to allow ourselves to make the inevitable mistakes and learn the lessons we are meant to learn.

If there is one nugget of inspiration that you take away from this please let it be the statement, “don’t ever give up”. You can reach your dreams. You can be successful in life. This is such a never ending, all encompassing structure. It looks different for each one of us. That is the beauty of it. No one can tell you or me what our dreams should look like.

If you want something, work for it. Even while others sit back and criticize you, carry on.  That is perfect fuel to keep that spark alive inside you!

Anything worth having in this life takes work. You know you are on to something when you hit resistance! Take heart my friend, there is something beautiful waiting on the other side of that obstacle.



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