Dusting off Some Poetry


You come to me like the aroma of the ocean
Like a crisp wind, taking my breath away
cutting through my skin painful but so wonderfully vibrant
You arise before me entirely at once
Your origin from depths unknown to me until now
You give me certainty
I dose myself with fear
I will embrace you
And tuck fear in my sleeve for safe keeping.


Dedicated to Silence

Silence never intrudes
She never overstays her welcome
On the contrary, she often leaves too soon, too abruptly
The presence of Silence has the power to soothe a weary heart.
I love my dear friend Silence
When my day flies by with too much to hear
I am assured Silence is in the room with me
She will wait, draw near and offer her gentle embrace.
I tell her to come and visit more often.
She sits, does not say a word, turns her head slightly to one side
And smiles.


Silence Be with The Children

Breaking, spirit crushing
Silence be with the children
Mould your hands over their ears
Shroud their crumbling hearts with the fabric of
Direct their eyes to a patch of sunlight and shadows
Urge them to look up into the vast blue
And when their frail bodies threaten to pull them into the ground
Melt into their parched skin
Fill them anew
Silence be with the children


Impressions of Frailty

Leave a mark
We leave marks
Human marks
Human marks scribbled in blood
Human marks
Pressed into the earth
Leaving behind distinct impressions of our frailty


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