My Board On Pinterest is called- Wise Words

We all have the board. The inspirational quote board on Pinterest. I call mine, Wise Words. You can type in the search bar and find a quote for almost any occasion or topic you can think of. Go nuts, let the good vibes role!


When I started on Pinterest I was an inspirational quote hoarder. My board was bursting with quotes. One day I realized that I had a problem. I sincerely started what I call, “cyber-hoarding”. It wasn’t only with the quote board it was with my other boards as well. I noticed that I was blinding scrolling through my Pinterest feed and madly pinning images that I sometimes only mildly liked or had an interest in. Not everything I saved had real value to me. I knew this because there were pins  I never even went back to look at after pinning. I had no idea what they were. You might be saying so what, they are just pins on your phone or computer, what’s the big deal?

For me, it represented my lack of presence and caring for what I was trying to accomplish with gathering those quotes.

I have learned this about myself: when I am feeling lost I read. I search for answers through reading. Which is not a bad choice. However, sometimes I allow this endeavour to become monumental in scale. I dig and dig and dig and the pile of books and words gets higher and higher around me. Before I know it I have buried myself in a mountain. Much like my quote board, I  hoard the information.

There is something to be said about minimalism. I have been gradually incorporating it into my life over the last few months. It is very liberating. speaking directly to the topic of reading I happened to pick up a book which was structured as a daily reading. I forced myself to follow the instructions and read-only the assigned pages for the day and no more. It took me a whole month to do this but I did it!!! I did not even cheat! It was quite a revelation for me. It taught me something about slowing down and absorbing what is there at the moment and waiting for the appropriate time for the next lesson to be revealed to me.

So lets no stop pinning the Wise Words to our Pinterest boards, but let’s make a deal. Why don’t we all go on over to our INSPIRATION BOARDS  and tidy them up? While we are there we are going to find some quotes we forgot about and hopefully be reminded why we pinned them and be REINSPIRED!

After you have been through your board head on over to my Facebook page and let me know what you found and how you have been newly inspired!!



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