Spirit Guides

I had a dream of ladybugs last night. From what I remember there six of them. A distinction was made at some point in the dream of the six being coupled into pairs, mates from what I understood.

I am a firm believer in spirit guides or spirit animals. They are also called Spirit Totems. If you are open to hearing from them they will speak to you.

As I have mentioned in previous posts these past few months I  have made a commitment to myself. I have decided to step out and not only claim but also pursue what I believe to be my purpose in life. I am also a firm believer in timing and all things happening in life for a reason. Those close to me will hear me protest against the course/reason of things quite often but in the end, I do believe that it all has rhyme and reason and we are not meant to understand all of it. Some things must remain a mystery. That is the true beauty of this universe, that we mere humans can not possibly grasp all of its marvels!

Back to the beautiful little ladybugs. Last night I dreamt about them. Today one landed on the doorframe of my open doorway as I enjoyed the breathtaking fall air and the sunlight laying across my living room floor. I would not have seen the little red creature had it not been for my inquisitive cat Milly. She is the one who drew my attention to the ladybug crawling up my doorframe in the sunlight. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I didn’t even remember the dream until I saw the ladybug on the doorframe. I jumped up and rescued the bug from my cat. I said hello to my friend as it crawled up onto my finger and extended my hand outside the doorway.



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