Trouble with Goal Setting

I have always struggled with goal setting. There have been numerous attempts at sitting down and making  serious goal missions for my life. The focus of these goals were always different areas of my life, and every time I do this I meander through the first one or two steps of the process. Maybe write a few goals on a piece of paper. Then throw in the towel, and the goal in the trash.

As you may or may not know, goals like dieting, the other life improvement nemesis, has a never ending list of options you can choose. Different methods, different philosophies, different lengths. You want hardcore, or you prefer fluffy? There is a goal setting method for you.

For all the attempts I’ve made at setting goals I did not understand why I could not make one goal follow through. I have never been a dieter, I don’t see the point in depriving myself of foods I want. Besides, that would just make me very angry and everyone around me would not like me very much. This goal thing though, I do get it. I do see the benefits of it. I understand how it would improve my life.

In another attempt to look at goal setting for myself I began reading, Jim Rohn, “Guide To Goal Setting”, in the guide he says this:

you want
to start, right now, really designing the future so that
the greatest part of your attention and focus pulls
you forward into the future to accomplish your goals.

This statement made things clear for me. This is why goal setting is a struggle for me. The premise of goal setting is to look into the future. Goals are the future.

I like the idea of living in the present. Being completely absorbed in the now. Jim Rohn was the first one that I have heard explain how making plans/goals for your life is a very "creative process". He specifically spoke about imagination. And being an artist, obviously that caught my attention.

Goal setting gives you the chance to experience
the power of your imagination. Think about it.
Imagination builds cities. Imagination conquers
disease. Imagination develops careers. Imagination
sets up relationships. Imagination is where all
tangible values and intangible values begin. So
what you’ve got to learn to do is use this powerful
Tapping this resource of imagination for goal setting
involves thinking about your future, thinking about
tomorrow or the rest of the day, thinking about the
rest of the year or five years or 10. You can use your
imagination to start prospecting for the future, for
what could be possible for you.



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