Show up and Vibrate

Whatever place we find ourselves in right now is the exact place we are meant to be.  All that is required of us is that we show up, share our light, work to expand peace around us and above all approach everything and everyone with the vibration of love that we all possess. It is not our responsibility, nor is it within our scope to determine what our destiny is supposed to be. We by no stretch of the imagination have any ability to think that big. Destiny can only be understood in the mind to a certain point, then it goes beyond that into the mysterious “soul-side” of ourselves. It then evaporates into and mingles with among other mysteries are not meant to comprehend.

I am a firm believer in soul-searching, we do not have to live in complete darkness where our souls are concerned. And life is so much more beautiful when we incorporate our soul selves into our daily living. Everything becomes so much more layered and exciting!

As we explore more of who we are as spiritual beings we naturally become aware of our many limitations and hopefully realize we need to come to terms with and accept that we do not have 100% control over our destiny. Once we can do that we will finally be released to the fullness of what our lives have to offer not just for ourselves, but also what we have to offer others.

You may have heard the saying that goes something like this; “how can you serve others when your cup is empty?”. Or this is one that I say to myself quite often when interacting with other people: “I have nothing to offer you, how can I possibly help you?”.  I have spent a lot of time in the past month pondering these questions.

We all have our own reasons for not having a stellar self-care routine. There is always something that takes our time and attention. Or we know that taking care of ourselves means coming to terms with some difficult things from the past and it is so tempting to keep it hidden there in the past, self-care does not have to be harmful to you in that sense. I would like to encourage you in knowing the past can stay exactly where it is.  There is no benefit that I see in rehashing what has happened in the past. I used to think it had to be done that way, however, I have since learned, through years of self-torture, t is is not necessary to go that route. The past is a memory. It is called that for a reason.  You are here today, this is what is important.

Being active and honest with a self-care routine forces us to take stock of what we hold as truth. It will force us to look at our selves and honestly answer the question of what we hold in the highest regard.

In 33 days of digging and dusting off old things from the past, but making sure I let them lay where I found them, and taking a second and third look at things in the present I have  reached this epiphany, after making my intentions clear I want all that this life has to offer, not just the superficial, impermanent stuff. I have to make the commitment to show up and accept the purpose I’ve been given and be present in my life. I  have been gifted with this life.


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