Wild Knowing

I know the strength and vibration of light because I have stood in the darkest of places.

The Universe has a heartbeat; I followed it’s rhythm out of the darkness.

The earth and air vibrate stirring deep within me my innate knowledge of where I am from and where I must go.

The water and fire renew me on this journey I take from where I was to where I must go.

I once only caught passing shadows of wild woman out of the corners of my eye. And when I turned and tried to focus on a fleeting form the image would ebb and flow so as to strain my eyes with the frenzy of trying to make sense of what I was looking at.

It began to drive me mad not having the words to express what I was experiencing. I would tell people it was always in the tip of my tongue or I had a thought just beyond my reach, and that was the best way I could even begin to describe where I was heading on this journey into what I now know as the “wild knowing”.

In her book, Women who Run with Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD, speaks about the Wild Woman archetype. Throughout the book Dr, Pinkola goes on to explain how we as woman are all born with this innate knowledge of Wild Woman, however, through culture and societal pressures we lose connection to our birthright as Wild Woman.

Thankfully she is not gone forever! We can connect once again.

Wild Woman is creative and soulful and earthy. Think Spirit animals and earth elements. She is raw, gritty and yet the purest being.

I am offering my first online course to six women. In this course, we are going to nurture our journey and destiny as Wild Women. We are going to explore, what that looks like for each of us on a personal level because no two paths to seeking the Wild Woman are alike.

The course material is art based (I am an artist ;)I believe art to be a powerful method of accessing our psyche, which is exactly what we need to reunite with our “wild knowing”. There will also be other elements such as Yoga and astrology that I will not get into right now.

I am sooooo excited about this! Getting to this point in my journey has been a crazy, crooked, rough journey but let me tell you I am here and I am ready to do what I believe and what I now KNOW I am supposed to do in this life. And that feels AMAZING!!!

I have to dedicate this to Brianna Rose:  http://www.iambriannarose.com You simply said to me that I am enough and that I am the one I was searching for.

SOOOO, ladies, if this course resonates with you please connect with me. You can leave a message on this post or if you are reading this on my Facebook page you can message me via that way.

My mission in this world is to help YOU find your voice and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! It is to hold space for you and let you know there is HOPE for real, amaze-ball peace. I know because I found it.

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