To Cast a Net

I am standing on the rocky edge of a rambling brook.

The sun is setting on a magical day. The light flutters across the water with her veil-like translucence. I see the bugs flittering through the layers of her reflected colors and nuance of shadows.

There is a faint breeze wafting through the trees. Light mottles surface from place to place, the moss covered rocks, the tall trunks of the majestic trees standing watch over me and the marble smooth water. She dapples the wet dirt, giving a show of pattern on the already heavily textured earth.

I have chosen this time and this place to stand alongside the moving body of water at my feet in order to cast my net. With my intentions set, the net is released from my fingertips. I see the weave of the net flicker as the light catches its intricate details and in that same fleeting moment net hits the water and sinks below the marble surface of the brook.

I will let the net float and sway, and gather what I have asked for this day. I will return in the morning to collect what I have gleaned from the watery depths.


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