Thank You! I love this blog.

I want to thank each of you who have decided to follow me along on my blogging journey. I am sure from the outside looking in you have questioned my “process” while creating my website. In fact, it probably does not appear to be a process at all, rather a chaotic hodgepodge of ever-changing layouts.

In my defense, I have not yet found a layout that sits perfectly in line with what I am trying to achieve with my blog. It is wonderful that we can change the look of our websites with the easy click of buttons! I would be a miserable blogger if I got stuck with a design that did not suit my vision, as I am sure any of my fellow bloggers would attest to.

This post is dedicated to anyone who has stuck with me through the startup phase of my little piece of online existence. I am not sure when the startup phase is over? Is there a formula for when we become official/professional bloggers? I am going to say no on that, really you become a professional blogger as soon as you hit publish on your first post. Now, of course, like everything else in life we have the “judging panel” out there in the “blogosphere” that will tell us what we are and what we are not as bloggers. We are being judged and placed in our appropriate categories based on our success or lack thereof. Which is fine, it is a reality that we face all the time in every aspect of our lives.

I suppose someone has to keep track of our level of success and failure, otherwise, how will we know when we measure up to what society expects of us. Or even what our family and friends expect of us.

It is our right of passage to be placed on a scale for the measurement of our success. Let’s say the first “scale” you are on is at birth where you are measured for having all ten fingers and toes. From there the series of scales line up before you and the end is never in sight. Success will always have a judging panel. For every endeavor you embark on the panel is set for your measurements. For every thought or item, you allow society to hear and see you give us (the collective whole) permission to place you on a scale. So it is not surprising to know people who refuse to share their thoughts or creations with others. Why put yourself out there to be judged, criticized and measured for yet another aspect of your life?

It is my humble offering to encourage others to be willing to take the risk and step up onto that scale with confidence. If you have something beautiful to offer this world it does not matter what measurements of success you are put up against. What matters is that you are brave enough to do it anyway. After all, the only true measurement of success is the one we place on ourselves. Every other scale means nothing if you believe you are successful.

Getting back to my blog, I worried about failing or not being considered a “professional blogger”. I was concerned that my blog would not measure up to the standards set forward for a successful blog. As time goes on  I know that I am not meeting many of the successful blogging standards, but I am ok with that. I am loving my blog! I love the opportunity to share my thoughts with anyone who is kind enough to listen. I am excited that people get to see the artwork that I so passionately create. These are my signs of success, they are very personal and all that matter.



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