Profound Happiness- Find it when you measure your own success

I truly believe that when we make the decision to CHASE after our dreams and say NO to the doubt and negative thoughts that have been holding us captive for far too long it can only lead to success. Case in point, the success I have been experiencing these past few weeks. I have experienced exciting breakthroughs because I chose to stop listening to all the reasons why I could not do something. You are familiar with that voice in your head that is all too quick to slam the door on your dreams, on your passions, even on your purpose in life. Note to self, you are very blessed if your dreams and passions are the exact same thing or close to it as your purpose in life.20171123_192040

Another point I must stress is our success has to be measured on a very personal scale. It is so important for us to stop looking outward for our validation. We can take full control over how our success is measured. You and I have the right to set our own standards.

Last week I approached my cities Recreation Programmer with a proposal that outlines an art program that I want to lead.  I would not have drafted a proposal unsolicited 6 months ago. I would have believed that it was something of a bother to the person or organisation to receive my proposal without having asked me for it. However, that was before I decided to jump in with both feet and pursue my passion for art. I became so bold as to believe that I could get paid to do what I love. This is the kind of thing you start thinking when you stop worrying if you have what it takes or if you are “good” enough to even ask such a bold question.

I wrote the proposal, I harnessed my inner powerhouse and asked to be paid for teaching others art! As I was writing the details I would from time to time ask myself, “are you really doing this, are you really going to submit this proposal?” It was exhilarating knowing that I was totally prepared to complete this proposal AND hand it in! And that is exactly what I did.

Of course, I had the feelings of fear and uncertainty that I am all too familiar with but in that moment of handing in that proposal, I succeeded! At that point, I did not need anything else from that situation. I accomplished what I needed and no one had to tell me if I succeeded or failed because I already claimed my own success. And that is it, we must claim our own points of success. In doing so we begin to see that we have way more success’ than we would have believed.

I am proud to say that my proposal was accepted! Not only that, I was told how wonderful it was. My schedule is set, I will be teaching art soon! This is all because I did not listen to all the reasons for why I shouldn’t pursue it.

What is something you have been longing to do? Something you have not pursued due to fear of failure of rejection. Here is what I am going to call my “Powerhouse Point” for you: pick one thing on your dream list and take an actionable step towards making it a reality for yourself. Present it whoever has the power or resources to make it happen and ask for exactly what you want. I know you can do it because I did it.

Stay tuned for more Powerhouse Points.


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