This is me imperfections and all

I have been working like a mad woman to get ready for not one but three markets this this month! Here’s the kicker, I have never been in a market before so I don’t know what the heck to expect. Basically I am winging it. Let’s be honest though that is pretty much how I operate with most things in my life.

When I first decided to partake in the first market I had only planned on selling my artwork, paintings and drawings, and a few greeting cards that I had made a while back. Then I got to thinking perhaps no one would be interested in those meager pickings. So I started thinking about other things that I like and would be interested in purchasing.

So the creating frenzy began! My first Market is tomorrow, did I mention that already? It will be happening alongside our local hockey teams game time. There is a Teddy Bear Toss and all proceeds are going to our local food bank.

So as I am sitting here creating my creations I think to myself how imperfect these will look to other people. And perhaps they will be so imperfect they are not worth the price tag I put put on them in the buyers eyes. These are the thoughts rolling around in my head as I paint and sand and string the beads and so forth. So I take a moment and write the words on the rock you see in the image attached above. Now it sits on a side table in my living room as a reminder that I can be ok with my imperfections, whether that is my person or my art. If I stumble on them I can look at this statement and remind myself to ground myself and embrace all the imperfections. After all life will never be perfect, we will kill ourselves trying to make it that way.


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