Day 2 of 2018.

This year is will be amazing.

I have to tell you that I can best describe myself these past few days as feeling like a sponge.

I have the most intense feeling of “soaking up”! And it’s all energy that I am soaking up.

This has left me feeling expansive both mentally and emotionally but drained physically. However, I anticipate the physical toll to dissipate as my body “catches up” so to speak.

Bodies are after all dense matter.

I find that breathing meditations are key for me right now. My struggle is quieting my mind. So slowing down and doing breath exercises is exactly what I need to drop in to my heart and focus on the energy that I am trying to absorb at this time.

It is as if I have been plunged into a bowl of water and just don’t have enough space in me to soak up all the excess (water/energy). The breathing meditation has allowed me to start absorbing. It really is a beautiful, mind blowing process if you simply allow yourself to be in it. No resisting, no contradicting, just be.

I was introduced to this wonderful community around meditations of a wide variety. http://www.facebook.com/insighttimer

There is also a (free!) app called Insight Timer! Go check it out. It is a great resource.

Having a rocking good Day!✌

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