What do YOU want?

Knowing what you want in life is not always the easiest thing to communicate. At least that’s what I find to be true. And unfortunately, it’s our restless human nature to be continuously in state of uncertainty with ourselves and all that is around us. We are most at ease in a state of unrest it seems.
If given the opportunity to completely let go and unhinge ourselves from the weight that we have grown accustom to carrying I do no believe we would know what to do with ourselves. We partially define ourselves by the great many responsibilities we pack upon our shoulders.
Of course this is found to be most profound among us women. We are the fixers of the world. We carry our burden plus that of lovers and family and children and friends.
We are an unstoppable force, we know it.

But let me just say this, one day your shoulders will fall and your back will break.
It is essential to take time to slow down, and yes even stop all together because things will carry on if you decide to take the break that you desperately deserve.
These are the times when you will discover who you really are. Spoiler alert! We don’t always know ourselves like we should. What do you want out of life? Where are you going in life? Are you happy? Is there something you want to do but just have not had the courage to take the first step in doing it?
No one can answer those questions but YOU. So you need to give yourself time and space to breath and work through them.
Bonus; all of these things when in harmony make us better partners, parents, children, better WOMEN!

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